Three Things You Can Do In Greenville Today

If you are feeling bored today and the kids are acting up, maybe it is time to take a road trip to Greenville. You may be unsure of all the activities that are in the area. It is actually quite possible to have a great time and enjoy the outdoors without having to pay out a lot in attraction fees. A day out is always an incredible way to enjoy some family time outside of the house. So unplug the phones and the Xbox and gas up the car because we are going on a road trip to Greenville!

One of the first stops of the day should be at Fall Park on the Reedy, this is the perfect spot to relax before a busy day with the kids. Enjoy the sounds of the small river as you sit under one of the large trees in the park. There are plenty of open areas for the kids to run and get out all of that excess energy. One of the sights that should not be missed at this park is the suspension bridge, it is a located in a beautiful area. Now if your kids are getting worn out, it is time for a stop at the local museum.

Most kids would rather a beating than a day at the museum, however, the Children’s Museum of the Upstate is not like most museums! This is an interactive museum that is designed for kids. You will realize this as soon as you come across the climbing structure, space shuttle, and TV studio. This is three levels of fun and education all mixed together so children never get the feeling that they are learning anything!

As you can see there is plenty to do in Greenville to get you started for the day!